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Oct 12, 2022

Reach a new audience interested in arts, history, politics and more!

Once — completely unprovoked — someone privately messaged me to say that he considered subscribing to The Charrette but that he could get the same type of content in Vanity Fair or The New Yorker. Was that… a compliment?

Four months later, I don’t have as many cute cartoons, but I also don’t make my audience read as many words, AND I have a bunch of subscribers now.

Take that, internet rando.

Why should I advertise on The Charrette?

Well, in addition to being cheaper than advertising in The New Yorker and Vanity Fair, I offer several advantages to advertising through other publications:

  • Dynamic pricing: I charge based on the number of subscribers I currently have, so you aren’t paying for unseen ads.

  • My email open rate is high: My average email open rate is a whopping 61%.

  • I offer creative services: Don’t know what to say or what picture to use? I can create copy and graphics for you that are 100% yours after the campaign ends.

  • I publish through Substack: There are no pesky algorithms to fight with, and it’s easier to build your own Substack following!

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Who should advertise on The Charrette?

The Charrette focuses on the intersection of art, history, politics and public opinion. Generally speaking, The Charrette tries to be non-partisan (although guest authors might be), and I’m game to cover a variety of subjects.

The Charrette would be a great fit for your ads if…

  • You run an art, design, news, history or culture publication.

  • You write about heterodox politics or news.

  • You sell creative tools like typewriters, art supplies, etc.

  • You sell digitally traded services like illustration, graphic design, copywriting etc.

  • You can get other ideas of what my readership is like by looking at my archives.

Wait a second… who are you?

I’m Kathleen! You can learn more about me here. I’ve spent my career in social media and content marketing, so creating and running ad campaigns is second nature to me!

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I use dynamic pricing based on how many subscribers I currently have, ad placement and the number of ads that are currently in my pipeline. Contact me to get a quote.

Regardless if my subscriber count goes up, if you lock in a package of back-to-back ads, I’ll lock in that price for you.

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Need help with your creative?

Not sure what to write or what kind of image to use? I offer creative services at a flat rate for each piece of creative. Even better, the creative belongs to you after I run the ad! Contact me, and I’ll give you a quote and a free 30-minute consultation.

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Disclaimers & Terms of Service

I do reserve some editorial discretion for the types of ads I take. I do have a diverse crowd of readers, and in order to not alienate them, I will not take requests to advertise the following:

  • Pornography or sexual content.

  • Content supporting a political candidate or distinct political position (columns and journalistic publications are fine.) OR Highly-politicized or politically alienating content. Basically, if it’s a trending topic on Twitter it’s off-limits.

  • Click-bait or low-quality content.

  • Medical devices, pharmaceuticals or drugs (legal or otherwise).

  • Escort services.

  • Highly localized services (Lawn care in Dayton, OH, for example. Let’s chat, and we’ll find you a better place to advertise.)

  • Content publicly disparaging a non-public figure.


I post two times per week, but occasionally there are some posts that I will not allow to have ads — for example, my posts about suicide. If you purchase a package of ads, I will not change the price on you.


If I’m inundated with ad requests, I will need to charge extra because it means I have to turn business away. If you’ve locked in a price for consecutive weeks of ads, your price won’t change. I can discuss any concerns with you.

Content Calendar:

I won’t share the details of the content I’m creating ahead of time, but I’m happy to give you an idea of the tone of each piece so we can match your ad to the right articles.